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Shipping cars & Personal effects to Mozambique

Mozambique (Maputo/Beira)

Vehicle Type RO/RO Prices / Costs Container prices / Costs
Saloon Vehicle e.g Peugeot 406 £745 £1500 (20ft)
4x4 Vehicle e.g. Freelander £960 £1500 (20ft)
Vans e.gMerc sprinter enquire £1500 (20ft)
    £2600 (40ft)


fastlaneDocuments Required by customs: 

1. Certificate of registration

2. Copy of passport

3 Original purchase invoice

4. Original bill of lading

5. Obtain import permit and inspection report for non diplomats prior to arrival of vehicle.

6. Customs Regulations :

7. Customer may pay up to 100% tax on the actual value of the vehicle depending on engine capacity and year of manufacture.

8. Diplomats are allowed to import one vehicle duty free but they have to request customs exemption.

Shipping Methods

Container Shipping (20 foot and 40 foot)

Containers are more secure when it comes to shipping cars and personal good to countries like Mozambique.

Shipping cars in containers to Mozambique is highly recommend , especially if you dont want anyone to have access to your cars/goods during tansit

When shipping cars in containers Mozambique, you will be confident that your cars or goods will be protected against damage during transit .

Fastlane use major UK ports i.e Southampton, Sheerness, Grimbsby, Hull, Felixstowe, Tilbury and Liverpool.

Roll On Roll Off (RO/RO)

This method allows us to ship cars,trucks,boats,yachts & Buses to Mozambique without a problem.

TheseRo-Ro ships sail on a fortnightly basis from sheerness port,Tilbury port,Southampton port, Felixstowe ports. Transit time to Maputo, Mozambique is usually around 18 days.

If Shipping trucks to Mozambique, Fastlane require the measurements for the trucks before Fastlane can offer you the rates for shipping these on RORO.

For RORO shipping, rates for exporting cars and other vehicles also depend on size however, Fastlane can offer the rates without the measurements / dimensions.

container shipForwarding Services

Fastlane offer car shipping,boat shipping,truck shipping,Machine/plant shipping & personal goods shipping to Maputo ,Mozambique.

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