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Car Shipping to Malta from UK

Fastlane offer amazing car shipping rates and services to Malta for containers and Roll on Roll off (RORO) .The following is a brief explanation of what these services are:

roro shipRo-Ro shipping Service

Carry cars such as Saloon Cars, 4x4 vehicles Trucks, lorries, and Trailers.

Fastlane ship all cars,trucks,boats,yachts and personal effects upto Valetta Malta

Ro-Ro ships sail on a fortnightly basis from sheerness port,Tilbury port,Soutampton port and Felixstowe ports.

For Truck Shipping, measurements for the trucks is required before rates for shipping these on RORO is provided.

Rates for cars and other vehicles also depend on size .

20 foot container ship 20 foot container services (private)

For shipping Newer cars or personal goods. Fits one car in a 20ft container as well as atleast 15 or so boxes.

Container ensures the car/goods are safe during transit.

Container ships sail on a weekly basis from uk ports like southampton port,Tilbury port,sheerness port,Felixstowe and Hull.

More expensive than RORO shipping, but guarantees your car / goods arrives in perfect condition

container40 foot container service (shared)

can accommodate 2 vehcles.

Fastlane can deliver the container to you,but loading facility are essential.

Shared (40 foot)container ships sail weekly from southampton ports,Sheerness port (kent),tilbury London,felixstowe port and Hull Port.

Suitable for moving household goods eg furnitures & kitchen appliances.

Removal services can also be arranged throughout Malta.

Customs Requirements for Malta

The Customer must arrive in Malta before the vehicle arrives
All cars and goods will be inspected on arrival by customs
Make sure your goods arrive within 6 months of your arrival to Malta
Duty will not be charged on Used household goods
Importer must be a returning citizen or a foreign national who has been outside Malta for
over 18 months
Foreign nationals taking up temporary residence or having a Work Permit,must leave a refundable cash guarantee with customs in Malta

All Returning citizens or permanent residents are allowed to import one Car duty-free
Temporary residents can import one used car (owned previously for at least six months). However, this is subject to duty.

Documents required:
Import License is required from Department of Trade
Export Certificate or Log Book
MOT or Test Certificate to show road worthiness
Road Insurance or Green Card valid for Malta

Forwarding Services to Malta

Fastlane offer car shipping to Malta,

Truck shipping to Malta,

Personal goods shipping to Valetta Malta

Fastlane have weekly sailings worldwide -

Services include :Export of cars to Malta, Shipping trucks to Malta, ,Shipping goods to Malta,Transportation throughout Malta, transport cars from uk to Malta. ,transport cars Valetta.

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