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Shipping to Europe

From Poland to the UK in just 3 days!

Weekly FCL Container Service

Collections & on-carriage to/from inland destinations within Poland & UK

Load Port

Weekly FCL service between GDYNIA and TEESPORT


GDYNIA every Friday

TEESPORT every Monday

Next Vessel


ex GDYNIA every Friday

ex TEESPORT every Monday


Complete range of international vehicles available from tilt trailers to supercubes, road trains and low loaders.

Dedicated express delivery options.

Import cargo arranged via our European hubs.

Full insurance cover, Proof of Delivery, C.O.D.s available on request.

Door to door collections and deliveries available for all freight.

Scheduled groupage and full load services.

Customs clearance arranged for non EEC goods.

Fastlane use two methods when it comes to shipping cars, these methods are Containers / Roll on Roll off (RO/RO).

Containers (20 foot and 40 foot)

Containers are by far the most secure when it comes to shipping cars and personal good.

The main reason why Fastlane recommend containers is because no one will have access to your container except for yourself.

Another benefit of using a container is the fact that your car or goods will be protected agains damage during transit . Although such damage may be caused by accident, it is always good not to leave anything to chance.

Fastlane ship from major UK ports i.e Southampton, Sheerness, Grimbsby, Hull,Felixstowe, Tilbury and Liverpool.

Roll On Roll Off Service (RO/RO)

Fastlane ship cars,trucks,boats,yachts and personal effects to all left and right hand drive countries.

Ro-Ro ships sail on a fortnightly basis from sheerness port,Tilbury port,Soutampton port, Felixstowe ports.

For Truck Shipping,Fastlane require the measurements for the trucks before Fastlane can offer you the rates for shipping these o n RORO. Rates for cars and other vehicles also depend on size however, Fastlane can offer the rates for these without the measurements.


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