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Groupage And Full Container Arrecife- Canary islands (spain)

Naturally, people may feel worried when making a move to a different country from the UK.  This is because international moving can produce several challenges. The challenges can range from packing of the items, to the shifting and receiving them at the new location without any damage. All these things can produce a wide range of challenges for you. But with Fastane, you are not going to face these issues on your own as Fastlane have plenty of years’ experience in these types’ moves.

  • If you are planning to shift small items, then Fastlane can offer you the most convenient shared container shipping option available. With the shared container option you are only required to pay for the space that your items will occupy. This means that you can take your most prized position to Arrecife without worrying about leaving them behind in the UK due to high moving costs.
  • For those clients wishing to ship larger volumes of goods to Arrecife, Fastlane also offer a sole use container shipping or full container load. The most popular container sizes that Fastlane offer are the 20 foot containers and 40 foot containers. These containers are made from steel and therefore are a good method for shipping valuable goods as it protects them from the elements. Fastlane will deliver the container to your UK address for 3 hours so that you can load the goods into the container. Once loaded, Fastlane will deliver the container back to the port and ship to Arrecife.
  • Fastlane will handle the overall work informed in the shipping of your goods to arrecife i.e. customs clearance in the UK, preparation of documentation and loading onto the vessel.
  • While addressing your shipping requirements. Fastlane will also ensure that Fastlane deliver your items to Arrecife in the best possible shape.

All our employees are fully equipped with the required skills needed for such difficult moves to Arrecife port in the Canary Islands.

Fastlane are determined to offer you safe, convenient and inexpensive international shipping that can really make you feel great about your relocation to Arrecife port.

groupage and full container


Container Dimensions

  20 FOOT Container 40 FOOT Container 40F00T High Cube
Inside Length 5.88m 12.00m 12.00m
Inside Width 2.34m 2.32m 2.32m
Inside Height 2.37m 2.37m 2.70m


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