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Container Shipping To Nigeria from UK

Nigeria has a huge import/export trade. This allows Fastlane to ship to 3 destinations. There are Apapa, Lagos and Onne. With weekly ships and a minimal transit time Fastlane is your best option.

Container Rates to Nigeria

Type 20 FOOT Container 40 FOOT Container 40F00T High Cube
Prices plese enquire    

Rates are subject to change depending on collection point in the UK

Commercial Shipping in Containers

Fastlane respects the interests of many company’s needs, we understand the need for reliability, consistency and responsiveness. This is why we have a dedicated team of export coordinators to exploit every need and want of your company to give the best possible deal. We offer an amazing service with great prices to match.
Fastlane will ship your goods but allow you to stay in control. There are several different sized containers and varieties for all needs. This tied in with the ability to deliver and ground the container allows us to make your goods as safe and cheap as possible.

commercial shipping

Shipping personal effects in containers

Everybody knows how stressful moving home can be. So how hard is moving country? Fastlane ensures that our coordinators can quote the best prices and can take you step by step through the booking and shipping process. After many years of experience we can now maximize the information we receive through using the minimal amount of time possible. We have a simple booking procedure which allows for comfort.
However we understand not all migration involves a full family and a house holds worth of goods. In this instance we can offer a shared container service. This allows for a small amount off goods to be transported with only a percentage of the price to be paid. This is ideal for student looking to study abroad or returning home.

groupage and full container

Shipping cars in containers

Fastlane will not only supply the container to ship your car in, we will offer the whole UK package. You receive:

- Loading and securing the vehicle on to the vessel
- Port Security
- UK Export Customs Clearance
- Port handling charges (In UK)
- Sea Freight to arrival destination Port

This is all inclusive of the price. In addition to these we can offer several other services such as:

- Insurance
- Collection

We insure your car for major damage, theft and loss. The cost of this is three percent of the cars value. We can also collect from anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales. This price varies dependent on the port and upon the collection point.

car shipping in container

Container Dimensions And Prices

  20 FOOT Container 40 FOOT Container 40F00T High Cube
Inside Length 5.88m 12.00m 12.00m
Inside Width 2.34m 2.32m 2.32m
Inside Height 2.37m 2.37m 2.70m

Please note: Above rates are subject to change

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