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Shipping to Cyprus from UK

Fastlane offer three shipping services to cyprus from the UK i.e Roll on Roll off (RO-RO) service , Private 20 foot container service & shared 40 foot container service. Fastlane also offer a collection and delivery service for any goods from anywhere in the UK .

Rates for shipping to Cyprus

Vehicle Size RORO Price Container prices
Saloon Vehicle £630 £1350 (20 foot container)
4x4 Vehicle £835 £1350 (20ft container)
Mini Vans e.g ford transit SUBJECT TO DIMENSIONS £1350 (20ft container)
2 cars - £1950 (40ft container)

Above prices include V.A.T


Ro-Ro shipping Service

carry goods such as Cars, 4x4 vehicles Trucks, lorries, and Trailers. Fastlane ship cars,trucks,boats,yachts and personal effects to all left and right hand drive countries.

Ro-Ro ships sail on a fortnightly basis from sheerness port,Tilbury port,Soutampton port, Felixstowe ports.

For Truck Shipping, measurements for the trucks is required before rates for shipping these on RORO is provided.

Rates for cars and other vehicles also depend on size .

Container services (private)

For shipping Newer cars or classic cars, Fastlane offer a 20ft container service. This fits one car as well as atleast 15 or so boxes. The ontainer ensures that the car/goods are safe during transit.

Container ships sail on a weekly basis from uk ports like southampton port,Tilbury port,sheerness port,Felixstowe and Hull.

Although more expensive than RORO shipping, it guarantees your car / goods arrives in perfect condition

Cyprus Customs Regulations

As a member of the European Union (EU) the only document required when importing cargo is a copy of the Passport. However, you will need to know the following when importing cars:-

Registration document
Car Driving licence
Road insurance
Proof of permanently staying in Cyprus i.e. rental agreement and/or lease and residence permit

Consignee must be present at the port during clearance of the car.
Exemption is granted for one vehicle per person 

Used private cars (saloon) : Under 5 years (please check with Cyprian customs as rules vary from time to time)
Used light goods vehicles up to 3 tons gross weight : Under 4 years
Score from “3”
Both RORO & Container modes of car shipment are accepted


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